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How to loss weight fast
  • Drink more than 10 glass of water per day.
  • Instead of drinking normal water drink lukewarm water.
  • daily do some stretching exercise for each body parts.
  • walk 20-30 minutes daily.
  • And the most important is avoid sweets.
  • Avoid tea and coffee.
  • Still you want to drink tea or coffee, drink it without sugar.
  • Don't buy sweets/Chocolate when you feel hunger.
  • Avoid oily food.
  • Skip meal once in a day and instead of having meal eat fruits and green salads either in breakfast or in dinner.
  • drink juices and home made soups as much as you can, because more you drink liquid more fat will burn from your body in the form of urine.
  • Stop drinking alcohol and beers.
  • Always drink a glass of water before meal.
  • If you can't stop your eating habit at least start minimise your habit. Take a small portion of what you want to eat. Like if you have habit of drinking a cup of tea after every hour, And you can't stop drinking tea you can minimise it to 1/2 cup. In that case you will reduce your intake of tea to 50%.
  • Use stair instead of lifts.
  • After every 2 months you should check your weight, if your weight is increasing immediately change your eating habits and life style.
These are the basic tips to reduce fat.Follow these rules and if you want to reduce fast then also join gym and do some yogas at your home and have a slim body.

Healthy food for Women

All women want to be fit and healthy.So, today i am suggesting some fitness food for fit and healthy body
First is Milk, the rich source of calcium. women should drink one glass in a day and preferably in morning. If you are worried about calories and weight gain then you should drink it with out sugar otherwise can add sugar and any flavour , you like.There are many milk flavoured are available in the market. But it is advised that we should drink it with out sugar.
Second is Curd/Yogurt, If you don't like to drink milk then you can eat curd.
Third is Egg, egg is rich source of Iron.We can have one egg daily or recommended by your doctor.
Fourth is Orange, We require vitamin c to repair muscles damage. Or you can have a glass of lemon water instead.
Fifth is carrot, it is very good for health and skin. You can also skip your meal by eating 3-4 carrots a day.
Sixth is peanuts, to increase your energy have peanuts once in a month. If you do fast(vrat) then you can eat peanuts as well.
seventh is Green leafy vegetables, These veggie provides nutrients and fibers.
Eight is water, though water is not a food but it is suggested that every women to drink minimum 10 glass of water a day.
Ninth is whole grain, try to use whole grain like whole grain brown rice. Before buying check it should be stamped 100% whole grain food.
Tenth is fruit juice, you can have any natural fruit juice daily to boost your energy.

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